Fact about Itsekiri Ethnic Group

Fact about Itsekiri Ethnic Group

The Itsekiri (also known as the Isekiri, iJekri, Itsekri, Ishekiri, or Itsekhiri) is a Yoruboid subgroup from Delta State in Nigeria’s Niger Delta.

The Itsekiris are a 2.7 million-strong ethnic group who inhabit primarily Delta State’s Warri South, Warri North, and Warri southwest local government areas on the Atlantic coast of Nigeria.

The Itsekiris are closely linked to the Yoruba people of southern Nigeria, as well as the Urhobo (particularly the Okpe) and Edo peoples.

Itsekiri men traditionally wear a long-sleeved shirt known as a Kemeje, a George wrapper tied around their waist, and a headdress with a feather pinned to it.

The ladies wear a blouse with a George wrapping tied around their waist. They wear Nes (scarves) or coral beads, which are brightly colored headpieces.

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