Facts about Boki Ethnic Group

Facts about Boki Tribe or Ethnic Group

Boki Tribe is a Nigerian local government area in the state of Cross River. It was founded on August 28, 1991, with Boje as its capital. The region shares a border with the Republic of Cameroon and is well-known internationally as a trading hub for agricultural commodities such as cocoa, coffee, lumber, and palm products.

Its name is derived from the aboriginal tribe (Boki people) that live in the area. The phrase comes from the word Bokyi, which is the Boki language name for the tribe, however, it is also known as Nki.

The Boki people instill in the region a variety of customs and traditions that are distinctive to the district. For men, traditional attire includes loincloths and a white long-sleeved shirt with a large hat.

A walking staff is also carried by certain males. Wrappers or a blouse are commonly worn by women, together with a headscarf.

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