Facts about The Fulani Ethnic Group

Facts about The Fulani Ethnic Group

The Fulani are also called “Fula” or “Fulbe” in Nigeria. A small group of individuals in Nigeria, as the majority of the population, can be found in other African countries.

The Fulani are largely nomadic.

Fulani people can be found in the northern portion of Nigeria, in states like Katsina, Sokoto, Kebbi, Bauchi, Yobe, Gombe, and a few in Benue.

Fulani women’s traditional clothing is a black or white cotton fabric gown covered with beautiful blue, red, and green thread embroidery work, with varied styles depending on area and sex.

The Fulani hair is also braided into long braids with silver and amber linked to the braids, and the ladies embellish their braids with beads and cowrie shells.

The Fulani have a rich musical culture that includes Drums, Hoddu (a plucked skin-covered lute similar to a Banjo), and Riiti (a plucked skin-covered lute similar to a Banjo) (a one-stringed bowed instrument similar to a violin).

The Fulanis enjoy fresh milk in a variety of forms, including yoghurt and cheese.

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