Facts about Abua (Odual) ethnic group

Facts about Abua (Odual) ethnic group

Abua Odual is a local government area in Rivers State, Nigeria’s southernmost state. Emago-Kugbo, Emekesue, Emelego, Egboama, Amorota, and Amaraka are among the towns and communities in the Abua Odual LGA, which has its headquarters in Abua town.

The Ekpeye, a subgroup of the Igbo ethnic group, is the dominant tribe in the Abua Odual LGA, which was established on October 1, 1991.

The Christmas cultural and Art festival, held annually in Abua Odual, honors the rich cultural legacy of the different municipalities that make up the Abua Odual LGA.

Fishing and subsistence farming is popular in Abua Odual, but crude oil exploration in the area and neighboring regions contributes the most to the economy.

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