Solana is the next cryptocurrency to look out

Solana is the next cryptocurrency to look out

Hi guys, track the Solana ecosystem. It is growing. 

Not too long ago, Solana paid over 5 million dollars to developers. They held hackathons and offered grants, mentorship, and assistance. 

The Solana team members declared the Sol season is around the corner. 

Of course, Sol mooned — trading at $33 now.

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But look beyond Sol. Look into their ecosystem. The bottomline:

– Watch out for the tokens powered by Solana

– Note them down 

– Get into them


– Check out this sheet –

This contains 36 upcoming Solana projects. Most of them are yet to launch. Click them. Join their community. Monitor.

If you want more? You can check out the visual chart:

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Thanks PepeGems, Chris, and Sifu for sharing this list. Hope this helps.

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