Here is a list of the implications of the MDPA REENACTMENT BILL

?No one should use the appellation “Dr.” even if you have a Ph.D.

?every other Health worker must work under the supervision of medics

?Only Pathologists should manage and operate a Medical laboratory. A medical laboratory scientist can only work there.

?Pharmacists are no longer needed in the hospital as the Bill will empower Medical Doctors and Nurses to keep and dispense drugs!

? Radiographers can only work in a diagnostic center managed and operated by Radiologists

?Midwives must work under the supervision of an Obstetrician even for normal deliveries

?this bill seeks to rubbish the following

✍️ Our University system

✍️ medical laboratory science profession

✍️pharmacy profession

✍️Nursing and midwifery


✍️Optometrists being the primary caregiver in ophthalmology

✍️Dental therapy and dental technology

they intend to reduce every other health professional in the health sector to their servants

Dr. Adefemi O. Afolabi, a renowned medical doctor practicing in UCH Ibadan once wrote:

“We are coming from the glorious height of medical practice we often quote as the good old days. The good old days when a medical doctor, not even the Consultant, enters the ward and the matron in charge rises up to welcome him.”

“The good old days when the Pharmacist courteously seeks clarification on a doctor’s prescription.”

“The good old days when the laboratory technologist respectfully brings the prepared slide to the Pathologist for histopathological diagnosis.”

“The good old days when the theatre nurse gowns the surgeon and hands over instruments with a sense of duty.”

“The good old days when the radiographer knows who calls the shot for a contrast study.”

“The good old days when the administrative staff dutifully takes dictation of the letter to be typed for the medical director.”

“Where are we today?”

“Every paramedic or allied health worker wants to be a Consultant, a Director, and ultimately the Chief Medical Director.”

“The laboratory ‘scientist’ claims autonomy from the laboratory physician and states allegiance to his or Director or Deputy Director.”

” The nurse on the ward points to where the case note and sphygmomanometer are for the doctor to pick. The student nurse does not want to pour water for a Consultant to wash his hands.”

“The pharmacist tells the patient that the doctor has prescribed a drug that does not work.”

” The physiotherapist tells the patient that the fracture was not properly fixed by the orthopedic surgeon.”

” Our authority in the Hospital has been eroded by appointments made by Boards of Hospital on the advice of Chief medical Directors.”

“Our brothers in government at various levels have forgotten their Hippocratic source and speak tongue-in-cheek to please their principal in Aso Rock. Our salary relativity has been eroded by MOUs signed and discarded once we leave the negotiation room.”

this is the mindset that begets the MDPA Reenactment bill

that the good old days of yours Are gone for good. Never again will we witness such a medieval period of our own checkered history

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