How to publish an audiobook: step by step process

How to publish an audiobook: step by step process

It’s possible that not having an audiobook edition of your book will be the death of your success. To fix this, you’ll need to know how to create an audiobook.

Because as an author, you need to satisfy, and if you succeed in doing so, book sales will follow.

Audiobooks are a terrific method to supplement your writing revenue. Many readers today have cell phones and a large number of books to read. Additionally, internet audio is available in cars thanks to Apple CarPlay and Google Auto.

So, why not allow your readers to listen to your book on the go?

Indie authors from a variety of countries can also use ACX to publish their audiobooks on Audible.

Authors can also employ well-known audiobook production services like Findaway Voices.

The steps to creating a decent audiobook are as follows:

• Get ready to record
• Narrator option
• Record the audiobook with a narrator
• Collaborate with an audiobook creator.
• Make your audiobook at home.
• Upload your audiobook to ACX

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