How To Make An Omelette

How To Make An Omelette

Will you like to learn the easiest way how to make an omelet? Well If you have a few eggs and some butter, you can make a little bit of a satisfying omelet for your dinner or breakfast.

There are two types of Omelette. A thick one like a frittata or Spanish omelet and a thin one that is folded when it’s ready to serve.

The size of the pan plays an important role in determining the quality of the omelet you make. If you use a 22cm pan for 2 eggs, it will bring out the desired quality of the Omelette, however, if you use a larger pan for this quantity of omelet, it will become too thin.

Basic Recipe For Making An Omelette

  • choice of fillings, if you’re using them
  • a knob of butter
  • 2 large eggs, at room temperature

Break the eggs into a bowl: Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk until they mix.

Heat your frying pan: Heat your frying pan and pour your butter into it until it becomes liquid, but make sure it does not turn brown.

Spread the eggs around the oil in the pan and shake immediately, so they cover the entire surface of the pan.

As soon as the eggs are set, gather the edges of the Omelette to the center of the eggs. Lift the pan off the cooker, and shake, so the eggs can cover everywhere. Your Omelette is done and ready.

Fold the Omelette on two sides or fold it in half as you slide it into a plate.


La Mère Poulard in France made the most famous omelet in the world with only eggs and butter. If you want yours to be lighter, you can add a splash of water. However, if you desire a richer and fluffier Omelette, add a little cream or milk.

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