How To Format A Laptop

How To Format A Laptop

Do you feel the need to format your system, probably due to a virus issue that it seems unable to get rid of? In such a case, the only solution is to format your laptop, as this will permanently purify the hard drive.

Formatting your laptop doesn’t require any professionalism, as any learned person can format a laptop. However, before embarking on this process, endeavor to back up all your files, in a hard drive, or an external device.

Things You Must Do, Before Formatting Your System.

  • Back up your mail client
  • Create a copy of your driver’s
  • Ensure you have all the serial keys you will need
  • Save your music, movies, and documents
  • Be sure enough you still have your original installation keys
  • Get a list of all software installed on your laptop
  • Save your downloads in progress
  • Make a copy of your browser’s settings

Method Of Restoration

Instruction for this is often provided by the manufacturer, check the user’s manual that comes with your laptop, and follow the process. However, if this is not provided, you need to adopt a separate means to do this.

Install the operating system disk into your CD/DVD.

Once you install the disk, your laptop will automatically run the disk and perform the necessary task. However, in a case whereby the disk doesn’t automatically start, double click on my computer, then locate the disk and run it.

Wait for the CD to load: Do not rush, allow the CD to load and follow the necessary instructions that will be displayed on your screen.

Wait for the installation to complete: Accept the default settings, and wait for the installation to complete. After it has been completed, a fresh new window will be displayed.

Restart your computer: once the installation has been completed, you will need to reboot your system. While rebooting, repeatedly press the f10 button. It will take you to partition or the repair option.

Installing a fresh system: The restore partition will restore your computer to its normal stage, install drivers and reload the OS.

Wait for the reformat to complete: The reformatting process may take up to 30mins, before it gets completed, kindly make sure your laptop is connected to a power supply.

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