How to Send money through SCB USSD Code

How to Send money through SCB USSD Code

Standard Chartered bank Ussd code*977#

To be able to transfer money an SCB account holder using USSD Code *977#, you must first register. Here is how to register.

1. Your 10-Account number with digits (Naira)
2. Your Verification Number from the Bank (BVN)
3. What is your birth date?
4. You will then be asked to generate and confirm your 6-digit USSD Transaction PIN.

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Once you are successfully registered, you can now send money to anyone.

For Funds sending, customers should dial *977*Amount*Account Number#.

For example, if you want to transfer N5000 to account number 3041674463, you should dial *977*5000*3041674463#.

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