How to send money using Heritage Bank USSD Code

How to send money using Heritage Bank USSD Code

For mobile banking, use the Heritage Bank Transfer Code 2022. Heritage Bank USSD Code 2022 has made it simpler for HB customers to transfer money and conduct other transactions. This alleviates the stress of having to go to the bank to make a payment. You can now transfer money and pay bills by dialing a few codes.

The Registration Procedure

You must sign up for Heritage Bank Mobile. Simply dial *322*030# and follow the on-screen instructions to register your mobile number. The phone number must be associated with the Heritage bank account. Make sure you enter your four-digit pin code. This pin will assist you in authorizing every transaction.

How to Send Money

Dial *322*030*ACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g. *322*030*0123456789*10000#) to transfer money to Heritage Bank and other Bank accounts.

Proceed with your transaction after selecting the recipient’s bank.

Check to see if the recipient’s full name corresponds to what you’re looking for.

To confirm your transfer or the mobile transfer pin that you created, enter your PIN or the last four digits on your ATM MasterCard.

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