How to use a semicolon: An understanding of how it works

How to use a semicolon: An understanding of how it works

Semicolons (;) are just two periods piled on top of each other. Does this imply that you can utilize it in either of these ways? Don’t get too excited.

But don’t be discouraged by this punctuation mark. That sly emoji winky eye, after all, can’t be all terrible.

How to Use a Semicolon Correctly

The semicolon is typically used to connect two distinct clauses without the use of a conjunction such as and.

After a semicolon, do you use a capital letter?
The broad consensus is that the answer is no. This can be done only if the word following is a proper noun or an acronym should a semicolon be followed by a capital letter.

Here are the guidelines for correctly employing semicolons; we hope you’re taking notes.

1. Semicolons are used to connect independent clauses that are related.
2. When using a semicolon between two independent clauses, remove the conjunction.
3. In a serial list, use semicolons
4. When using conjunctive adverbs, use semicolons.
5. Give a Wily Wink with a Semicolon

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