Somnilife 200M $SO Airdrop for everyone ??

( Hope you’ve imported your Metamask on your Kiwibrowser). Put your Kiwibrowser in Desktop mode.

? Connect your Wallet here

▪️ Connect your Twitter and Metamask account (Ethereum network).

▪️Check your on chain & Twitter Activity Scores and track your $SO rewards

?? Reward Claiming will be only available on Ethereum Blockchain for now.

But in future it will Available on BSC, Polygon and Avalanche etc.

✅ Dont pay fees now, Wait until 19th Jan, ETH gas fee is too high now. we can see other network to claim, like, BSC & Matic. ✅

⏰ The duration of the activity is 14 days, starting Jan 7th.

? $SO token trading to also start very soon and to be listed on CMC and Coingecko.

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