EYWA NFT Mint and airdrop

EYWA NFT Mint and airdrop

Instructions for the EYWA NFT collection mint

? Check out the EYWA NFT collection here ?

? Instructions for PC

? Creating an Aurora+ account

1. Click the link https://aurora.plus/signup/eywa

2. Click Connect wallet and confirm the request to connect the website to the Metamask wallet.

3. Enter your email address and click Claim my free account.

4. Confirm the request in your Metamask Wallet.

5. Follow the special link from the email sent to you to confirm your registration.

6. In the opened window click Add network.
6.1 Confirm the request to add the Aurora+ network to your Metamask Wallet.
6.2 Confirm the request to switch network.

✨ After switching the network you will automatically be redirected to the NFT Mint website. https://alpha.eywa.fi/

? NFT Mint

1. Press the Connect wallet button.

2. Press the Mint NFT button
2.1 Confirm the transaction request (no fee is charged).

3. Wait for your NFT mint process to be completed.

✨ The screen will display your NFT with the token balance, transaction hash and links to additional information, as well as the Aurora explorer.


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