How to add canto to your Metamask, Canto airdrop

How to add canto to your Metamask, Canto airdrop

$CANTO is a new layer-1 #cosmos SDK chain. Using the test network and providing feedback resulted in a 15k token airdrop.

Why do I think it could really pop off?

Canto is built using Cosmos SDK core modules and Tendermint Consensus with an EVM execution layer in the form of the Ethermint Module and network owned/incentivized defi primitives (stablecoin, dex, lending market)

The core blockchain infrastructure is forked from #EVMOS

How to add canto rpc to metamask

If you’re having problems when setting up @MetaMask for $CANTO, use these. Their docs are listing old settings:

Network Name: CANTO


Chain ID: 7700

Currency Symbol: CANTO

Block Explorer URL:

please fix @CantoPublic

How to sell canto airdrop

If you participated in the testnet of @CantoPublic, you should be able to claim the $CANTO airdrop. If you want to stake it, you can do so too (rewards are not yet enabled).

? Trade:
? Stake:

If you’re looking to buy $CANTO, here’s how to:

• Bridge $WETH or $USDC ->
• Convert to $CANTO (evm) ->
• Swap to $CANTO:

Thanks @thequietcrypt for this summary

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