Importance Of Understanding Criminal Behavior

Importance Of Understanding Criminal Behavior

This article is all about understanding criminal behavior and how it affects your society. From the prettiest of crimes to the most horrific, understanding criminal behavior can help you understand how you should act in a given situation. 

Understanding why someone has done something might allow you to forgive them as well as prevent a crime from happening again!

About Criminal Behavior

Criminal behavior is a term used to describe a wide range of activities considered to be harmful, destructive, or illegal. Many criminal behaviors are simply ones that deviate from the societal guidelines that are considered acceptable. 

In these cases, it can be quite easy for you to understand how people could have acted so amiss without falling under the umbrella of “criminal behavior.

Understanding Criminology Theories

There are many theories about criminal behavior. It is essential to understand at least a few of them to make sense of and comprehend a wide range of situations.

  • Criminal Diathesis-Strain Theory: This theory argues that criminal behavior comes about as a response to a lack of resources within society. If community members are struggling economically, physically, or emotionally it becomes easier for them to fall into criminal activity.
  • Social Control Theory: This theory argues that as society increases in complexity, more people will begin engaging in criminal activity. As the level of complexity grows, so does the number of people acting outside of what is considered acceptable.
  • Functional Denial Theory: This theory argues that crime occurs because individuals are too frightened or ashamed to deal with their problems directly and instead resort to illegal behavior as a means of facing their issues.
  • Social Learning Theory: This theory states that if a criminal is exposed to the crime, they will begin to engage in it themselves.
  • Reaction Formation Theory: This theory states that people who engage in criminal behavior are so ashamed of what they did that they subconsciously deny its existence and refuse to acknowledge it

Reasons to Be a Criminologist

To understand how to prevent criminal behavior from happening again

If your job requires you to interact with criminals or be responsible for their actions, then you must understand criminal behavior to prevent it from happening. (doctors, lawyers, security guards.)

To see how criminals think and what they do to avoid punishment

Many people who commit a crime do so because they are too afraid of getting caught. To understand how criminals think and avoid punishment, you need to study their behavior carefully. (Investigators, detectives.)

To learn about the different types of crimes and how they are committed

Every type of crime requires different steps and methods to commit. These steps are often quite easy for others to avoid or stop if they know about them beforehand. (Lawyers, security guards.)

To predict what a criminal is going to do next and prevent it from happening

By understanding the motives behind criminal behavior, you can predict what a criminal is likely to do next in certain situations before it happens again. (Doctors, psychologists.)

To ensure that you do not fall prey to a criminal

By understanding how criminals think and react, you can ensure that you do not fall into the same situations or that your home is not broken into if they do. (Parents, security guards.)

To help the victims of crimes recover and cope with their plight

In many cases, people cannot cope with the trauma involved in being victims of a crime. By studying criminal behavior and learning how to become a forensic psychologist From reputable places like careers in psychology, you can learn about methods to assist them in recovery.


A criminal is someone who engages in illegal acts that are harmful to society. Understanding criminal behavior can help you prevent it from happening again. By understanding how it happens and what causes it, you can help your society by preventing future crimes from occurring.


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