Tutoring or Custom Writing: What Is It That You Should Choose?

Tutoring or Custom Writing: What Is It That You Should Choose?

Description: Whenever you find yourself wondering what to choose professional tutoring or custom writing help, think twice. Check out our tips that will help you make the right decision.

Pay to Do My Essay: Custom Aid vs. Tutoring

It’s very hard to write all those essays and other assignments perfectly all the time long. There will surely appear some obstacles that will cause you big trouble. Some of them will require a lot of strength and time to be fulfilled. In the meanwhile, your deadline is nearing. What to do next? How to write my essay properly and on time?

Well, you have choices. Firstly, you can hire a writer at a custom writing service. Secondly, you can hire an individual tutor. Each option seems to be good and surely solves the issue of how to write my essays perfectly. Yet, some slight differences may tell you that a definite choice is much better. We will review both options in our crucial comparison.


We will start by checking the quality of both experts. Tutors and freelance writers are surely educated and skilled. Of course, you need to verify their diplomas and job experiences. When you find out that they are legit and confidential, you may not worry about the quality of your papers. They will surely match the top standards of every high school, college, and university. Your order will be perfect because it will be written according to your needs by a professional. The quality will be high and it will be free of plagiarism to bring you the best grades.


When you leave questions similar to “who will do my essay online,” you surely think about the speed of help. How fast is the expert? When you deal with professionals, a freelancer and tutor will be surely fast enough to meet the most urgent deadlines. Yet, here can be spotted the first crucial difference.

You need to understand that a tutor is a solo expert. He or she has to spread time to help other clients, as well as simply live his/her life. Your tutor won’t be available 24 hours a clock. On the contrary, one writing website has from 200 to 500 experts. It runs online and you can find active experts even late at night! You should agree that this benefit can make an important difference in favor of freelancer agencies that offer their aid for sale. Just research possible options and choose from the ones that are rated high.


You should understand that when you intend to purchase academic aid, you may need various kinds of assistance in various academic disciplines. This is when a tutor fails again.

Besides, one tutor may not be able to complete all types of academic projects, just like one freelancer. Yet, pro services have hundreds of experts and so you will surely find the ones who can complete only an essay, as well as the ones who can deal with a term paper, dissertation, research proposal, and other assignment type. Besides, you will find specialists in all possible academic fields. In the meanwhile, a tutor specializes in 1-4 disciplines only.


It’s also vital to pay attention to the skills a certain expert is able to propose. We have already mentioned that both experts complete perfect papers and they surely get rid of non-unique elements. Besides, they likewise offer a rich and impressive “arsenal” of academic skills. How can the expert solve my issue to bring me the desired result? A tutor or freelancer can:

  • Write and rewrite any part of your paper;
  • Edit and proofread your texts;
  • Insert citations and make reference lists;
  • Boost the readability of the text;
  • Provide examples and tips;
  • Select relevant topics;
  • Find relevant evidence
  • Format your texts according to any writing style.


Finally, all requests similar to “who will do my essay for me” inevitably end with the question of pricing. You will surely have to buy professional help offered by a freelance agency or a private tutor. How much will be paid? It can be clarified pretty easily.

Tutors always charge more than freelancer agencies. They don’t offer flexible prices, but fixed ones. Pro agencies set alternatively cheap prices that are affordable to merely every ordinary student. Besides, they offer full customization of the orders. What does it mean when a freelancer will do my essays? You are to fill out the application form that consists of compulsory fields. Those fields impact the price. If you change any of them, you can lower the price.

Summing Up

Who can write my essay? If you cannot do that, you have 2 options. It can be a private tutor or a professional helper from a custom writing website. Who to hire? It’s up to you to decide, but you must be careful. This is your money that will be paid. We simply gave you purse facts about these options. At any rate, each of them will solve your learning issues.

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