15 Topic Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

15 Topic Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

Students have to write a great variety of essays. There are various types and each serves a specific purpose. Thus, an argumentative essay makes students define a good argument and prove its relevance. They should convince their readers that the suggested concept is correct.

This essay type is very interesting and challenging. At times, it is even hard to select a good topic. Many students spend tons of precious time defining which issue will be relevant to their readers. If you lack great topic ideas, we can help you. This informative article highlights the best argumentative essay topics. Moreover, it explains how to choose a topic correctly and complete an argumentative essay properly.

Right now, we would like to offer great topic ideas for an argumentative paper. Make allowances for the next 15 options:

  1. Is Reading EBooks Better Than Reading Printed Books?
  2. The Issue of Racism Can Be Handled.
  3. Legalization of Marijuana Is a Bad Decision.
  4. Death Penalty Should Be Kept.
  5. When Children Should Start Using Gadgets?
  6. Parents Should Not Divorce Until Their Children Are Adult.
  7. Why Emotions Are Important for People.
  8. Education Should Be a Free Choice of Everyone.
  9. Is It Correct to Force People to Get Vaccinated?
  10. It Is Alright When People in Relations Have Some Conflicts.
  11. War Is Sometimes the Necessary Evil
  12. People Should Be Employed According to their Skills and Not Because of Their Education.
  13. Technology Is Important for All Students.
  14. The Use of Technology May Harm Children.
  15. Smoking Must Be Banned Everywhere Except Your Home.

As you can see, these topics are devoted to various themes. They all are vital, and you can find strong arguments to operate with and review in your paper. Use these concepts or develop your own based on our list of suggestions.

What Makes a Good Topic?

Sometimes it is not enough to see several good examples of a relevant topic. Many students need to understand what qualities it is supposed to have. A goods topic should be:

  • Informative;
  • Attention-grabbing;
  • Relevant;
  • Problem-oriented;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Clear;
  • Attractive.

You should attentively study the discipline you are going to write about. Study the current trends in the industry to define what will be interesting and useful for your readers. It’s good to find a problem, which has no solutions and offer your suggestion. Thus, your readers will be interested in reading because it may potentially help them.

How to Select a Great Idea to Cover?

Once you understand what makes a good topic, you should understand how to choose a great point to disclose. You cannot select too broad topics and ones, which were discussed many times and which had already offered plenty of solutions. Here are a few vital tips for you:

  • Narrow the topic. You should never disclose a broad or too general issue. Otherwise, you will not be able to disclose it in a single essay. Narrow it to a specific point. If you write about education, select a certain country and highlight educational issues there.
  • Brainstorm it. If you lack ideas, write down all the concepts that occur to the mind when you think about a certain industry or discipline. Refine them to define which concept is suitable.
  • Think about yourself. Besides, you should take into account your own preferences. You will be more enthusiastic about a problem, which is also interesting to you.

Writing Tips for an Argumentative Essay

After we have figured out the questions related to the selection of a good topic, we should shed some light on the writing issues. The whole piece is based on offering strong arguments and proving they are correct. Establish a firm position and show it in your thesis. A thesis statement is a central idea, which clarifies the purpose of your paper. Begin with it and build the rest of the text around the thesis.

  • Introduction

When you write the introductory part, you are expected to make it catchy. Your readers should be interested in what you offer. You may attract them by offering the following popular features:

  • Shocking statement;
  • Anecdote;
  • Citation;
  • Aphorism;
  • Rhetoric question.

Add a thesis statement as the last sentence of the introduction.

  • Main Plot

Develop the main argument in the body paragraphs. Cover one point per paragraph. Make logical transitions, avoid jargon and slang, explain all technical terms, offer only clear top explanations, etc. Perhaps you will need to read a sample or two to see how such things should be ordered.

  • Conclusion

The final part of your paper should summarize the entire project. Restate your main argument again and highlight other vital points. Underline the results and explain to your readers their value. Offer a clear interpretation of those results.

Additional tip: Make sure you revise your paper at least twice. Read it, ask others to read, as well as use a grammar checker to define errors.

Use Professional Writing Aid

If you have problems with choosing great titles for your essay, you may also use the help of a reliable custom writing company. It will surely offer professional writers and advanced academic skills. They will easily generate the best topics for an argumentative essay, as well as for persuasive, discursive, expository, and other essay types. Of course, you may count on help with any piece of writing:

  • Term paper;
  • Research proposal;
  • Lab report;
  • Dissertation;
  • Speech;
  • Resume, etc.

You will get more than help with picking a good topic idea. You may request any academic skills. All students may count on:

  • Writing;
  • Editing;
  • Citing;
  • Rewriting;
  • Outlining;
  • Researching;
  • Referencing, etc.

Every client is treated individually. You should simply specify your issues and wait until an experienced helper solves them. The experts help extremely fast.

Wrapping Up

You are free to use any idea suggested in our article, as well as create your concepts based on ours. Follow the smart tips to write a great argumentative paper, and you will quickly improve your grades. Consider pro writing aid if you run out of time or have other sorts of issues.


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