Killer Tips on How to Start a College Essay

Killer Tips on How to Start a College Essay

The opening of a college essay gives an impression of what to expect from your work. It will entice readers to dig further into your ideas. A killer introduction also captures the reader’s mind and promises an engaging discussion that makes the time spent reading your paper valuable.


A writer has the freedom to begin the essay in whichever format he thinks will deliver the punch needed. While at it, he must consider the academic requirements of writing a captivating essay. Here are the best tips to help you to craft the best start to any college essay.

Set a context

Students write essays around the topics or concepts they are learning in class. Other scholars have discussed ideas related to the subject of your essay. What have they said about it, and what gaps do you wish to fill through your essay? You can get a custom essay service to craft the most compelling introduction to any academic paper, including essays, theses, dissertations, and research papers, among others.

The context helps the reader to appreciate your perspective. It also shows that you are not repeating what other writers have already discussed. A person reading your essay can easily understand your topic because you have the backing of other authors or data on the subject.

Use statistics

Statistics produced by credible organizations are powerful in helping readers to understand your topic. Quote the relevant statistics in the right context. A reader will understand the gravity of the issue you are trying to address.

Second-party or unverified statistics will not help you to make a case effectively. Get the original author of the statistics to make a strong point. Further, you should use the latest statistics to demonstrate the gravity of the issue you are discussing in your work.

Tell a story

Storytelling helps you to capture the imagination of a reader perfectly. Create a story or scenario that best describes the dilemma you are dealing with in your essay. Stories are also memorable and enable readers to develop a better picture of the issue under discussion. Avoid stories with multiple interpretations because they may mislead your audience.

Quote an authority

Authorities like CEOs and organizations involved in an area will give your essay the impetus it requires to convince a reader. Quote credible organizations and individuals to help you to make a point. By associating with their words, your essay will capture a reader’s imagination. You may also buy cheap essays online to avoid struggling with writing requirements as well as deadlines.

Personalize the experience

Is there a story captured in the media that describes the problem you are trying to solve? Can you describe the experience that pushed you to pick a particular topic? A personal experience makes your essay not appear hypothetical. It shows that your work will help alleviate real troubles in society.

The start of an essay determines the reception your paper will get. Paint an image of the issue you wish to discuss in the best way possible. If you can capture the imagination of your reader, you are on your way to earning the best grade.

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