List of Universities in Nauru

List of Universities in Nauru

Early in the 20th century, Protestant missionaries’ efforts in Nauru helped to formalize education. Missionary Philip Delaporte founded the first schools, which instructed kids in reading and writing in the Nauru language. The united administration of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand adopted an English-based curriculum and made education mandatory in 1923.

Beginning in late 2007, Australia’s AusAID provided $11 million towards the renovation of Nauru Secondary School. The effort to help Nauru’s educational performance was finished in 2010. The project included a section on improving Nauru’s construction capabilities.

List of Universities in Nauru

The University of the South Pacific (Nauru campus

The University of the South Pacific (USP) Nauru Campus has been based in Yaren District since 2018, formerly in Aiwo District. In the 1970s, USP began delivering courses online. In 1987, a local campus was founded. Business and education are the main areas of study. The campus offers a continuing education program to serve the larger community.


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