List of Universities in Malta

List of Universities in Malta

Higher education in Malta, which was formerly a part of higher education, was introduced to the British educational system. With a Bachelor of Science degree, the University of Malta is Malta’s top educational institution.

The 14 distinct colleges that make up the university system study a variety of subjects, including education, the arts, law, engineering, medicine, media, and technology. Full-time undergraduate courses are free for Maltese and EU nationals.

Maltese students who are enrolled in higher education programs in Malta are also eligible for a stipend. International students must pay 1360 euros in tuition for science majors and 1080 euros for business or art courses.

In this piece, all links to these universities In Malta are stated.

List of Universities in Malta

* University of Malta:
* American University of Malta:
* European Graduate School:
* Middlesex University:
* Triagon Academy:
* St. Martin’s Institute of Higher Education:
* Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology:
* Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS):

* London School of Commerce:
* EDU International Institute of Higher Education:
* Zerah Business School:
* Malta Institute of Taxation:
* Pegaso International:
* United Campus of Malta

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