List of Universities in The Gambia

List of Universities in The Gambia

The newly established Ministry for Higher Education is supporting the Gambia’s universities and higher education system, and the country’s government has been constructing educational facilities ever since it came to power.

The Gambia’s primary education is free and required under the constitution. Implementation of this has been challenging due to a lack of funding and educational infrastructure.

Long-standing school costs kept many kids out of the classroom, but in February 1998 President Jammeh announced the suspension of fees for the first six years of education.

The International Open University, a higher education organization with more than 435,000 enrolled students from more than 250 nations worldwide, has its global headquarters in the Gambia (known as the Islamic Online University until January 2020).

University of The Gambia:

The University of the Gambia (UTG), the sole university in the West African nation of the Gambia, is a center of higher learning with its headquarters in Sere Kunda. The UTG is made up of several faculties:
• School of Agriculture and Environment Sciences
• School of Arts and Sciences
• School of Business and Public Administration
• School of Education
• Faculty of Law
• School of Engineering and Architecture
• School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences; School of Information Technology and Communications
• School of Graduate Studies and Research
• UTG Digital Campus; UTG North Bank Campus.

Euclid University – Pole Universitaire Euclide:

A specialist intergovernmental organization called Euclid University was founded in 2008. It is one of the few “international/intergovernmental” universities in the world and an active member of the major scholarly associations. visit the website of Euclid University

This is a list of universities in the Gambia


• American International University West Africa:
• EUCLID University:
• University of The Gambia:
• International Open University:


• International Community College
• The Gambia College

Other institutions

• Gambia Hotel School (GHS)
• Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI)
• International Business College
• Management Development Institute (MDI)
• Rural Development Institute (RDI)
• Suna Institute of Science and Technology (SIST)
• Interlink Global College

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