List of Universities in Guyana

List of Universities in Guyana

The Guyanan government oversees education in this lovely nation. Each of the ten areas of the nation is armed. The British Guianan school system left behind a legacy in this country.

In Guyana, there are universities, teacher training schools, and advanced technical schools. The literacy rate in the overall population is about 92 percent.

Despite the high literacy rate, some areas of the nation struggle with functional literacy, which has a negative impact on socioeconomic concerns and employability.

As a result, the government and humanitarian organizations view education as the most effective means of reducing poverty.

There are 4 private institutions and 9 public universities in total. Over 10,000 international students from all over the world are studying here, according to figures from 2014. Then there are job opportunities after graduation.

List of Universities in Guyana

We have stated the full list of universities in Guyana

• University of Guyana:
• Texila American University:
• Georgetown American University:
• Cyril Potter College of Education:
• American International School of Medicine:

• School of the Nations (Guyana):
• The Business School Guyana:

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