List of Universities in Eritrea

List of Universities in Eritrea

Following the opening of numerous tertiary institutions across the nation to meet the growing demand for education and training among the youth, Eritrea is now embracing the rapid expansion of its education sector.

To reduce poverty and promote sustainable growth, the government has prioritized investment in education. This focus on higher education also suggests that the majority of the nation’s youth are getting better.

The development of human resources, especially the necessity to expand higher education institutions, has been deemed a top priority for growth and the eradication of poverty by the government of Eritrea.

The government of Eritrea has launched an ambitious effort to increase the number of higher education institutions and provide more vocational training.

The largest portions of the GDP in 2011 (28.6 percent each) were in the public administration and education sectors. The government is determined to keep social spending high, notably in the area of education.

List of Universities in Eritrea

EUCLID (Euclid University)

An international intergovernmental organization with a university charter, EUCLID, also known as Pôle Universitaire Euclide, was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in The Gambia. visit the school’s website.

Colleges in Eritrea.

1. College of Agriculture, Eritrea
2. The College of Business and Social Sciences, Eritrea
3. College of Marine Sciences and Technology, Eritrea
4. Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry, Eritrea
5. Asmara College of Health Science, Asmara
6. Eritrea Institute of Technology, Abardae:
7. University of Asmara, Asmara:

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