List of Universities in Syria

List of Universities in Syria

The government has invested heavily in the education of its residents and foreigners who are interested in studying here, and Syria boasts a very good higher education system. In higher institutions in 2014, there were about 9.5 million students.

There are private colleges and institutions in addition to the 38 private universities and 22 public universities. Public schools provide an accessible education while private institutions and universities charge exorbitant tuition rates, which is why they are primarily attended by the powerful, wealthy, and opulent.

In Syria, the unemployment rate is around 19%. But in order to be employable when you graduate, you’ll need to sharpen your abilities.

List of Universities in Syria

Al-Andalus University for Medical Sciences, Al Qadmus:

Al-Baath University, Hims:

Al-Hawash Private University, Homs:

Arab International University, Daraa:

Damascus University, Damascus:

Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology, Damascus

International University for Science and Technology, Daraa

Ittihad Private University, Rakka

University for Science and Technology, Mamoun, Al Qamishli

Private University of Science and Arts, Aleppo

Tishreen University, Latakia

University of Aleppo, Aleppo

University of Kalamoon, Damascus

Wadi International University, Wadi al-Nasara

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