List of Universities in Tunisia

List of Universities in Tunisia

Tunisia’s higher education system is developing rapidly. To meet the complex needs of a rising nation, the government consistently offers a high standard of education.

It is crucial to note that there are six teacher training institutions, 24 higher education institutions, 13 public universities, and 17 private universities. There are student loans accessible, and the public education system is offered for free or at reduced costs. But this runs completely counter to what private universities do.

Therefore, only wealthy students can afford the astronomical tuition at those universities. Her university population makes up about 19% of the total. Without a work permit, you are permitted to work both during your studies and after graduating.

List of Universities in Tunisia

Center for Islamic Studies of Kairouan:
Ezzitouna University, Kairouan
Central University, Tunis:
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Tunis, Tunis:
University of Kairouan, Kairouan:
Faculty of Pharmacy of Monastir, Monastir
Faculty of Sciences of Gabès, Gabes
Faculty of Sciences of Sfax, Sfax

Higher Institute of Arts Manouba Multimedia, Tunis
Higher Institute of Biotechnologies of Sfax, Sfax
Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir, Monastir
Higher Institute of Documentation of Tunis, Manouba
Higher Institute of Management of Sousse, Sousse
Higher Institute of Technological Studies, Sfax

Higher Institute of Technological Studies Djerba, Djerba
Higher Institute of Technological Studies ISET’COM, Ariana
Higher School of Communication of Tunis, Aryanah
Higher School of Food Industries of Tunis, Tunis

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