List of Universities in Uruguay

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List of Universities in Uruguay

For individuals enrolled in state-run institutions, higher education is both required and free in Uruguay. In addition to four private institutions and a catholic university, the nation only has one public university, the University of the Republic.

More than 22, 000 international students make up about 24.3% of the population at higher education institutions. Numerous students from all over the world come to study in fields including agronomy, animal science, architecture, economics, law, medicine, and many others.

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You can support yourself when you’re a student by working odd jobs. For graduates with strong grades and those with experience in related sectors, there are several job options.

List of Universities in Uruguay

Autonomous University of the South, Montevideo
Catholic University of Uruguay, Montevideo:
ORT Uruguay University, Montevideo:
University of Montevideo, Montevideo:
University of the Republic, Montevideo:

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