Cheapest Universities in Uruguay

Cheapest Universities in Uruguay

Uruguay offers a high-quality, laid-back lifestyle, as well as a beautiful coastline, vibrant culture, and well-developed towns. All of this makes studying in Uruguay a difficult task. International students might also benefit from low tuition prices.

List of Low Tuition Universities in Uruguay

1. University of Montevideo (UM)

The Institution of Montevideo is Uruguay’s first low-cost university. This private institution was founded in 1986 and received accreditation in 1997. It is the finest university in Uruguay and the 491st best in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings for 2020.

Montevideo is home to the university, which has seven buildings spread throughout the city. Law, communication, humanities, engineering, and business and economic sciences are among the five faculties. It also offers a business school as well as five research and innovation centers.

Visit their website ( to learn more about the programs available. They provide dual degree programs with institutions throughout the world as well as English-language programs tailored to international students. Prospective students can also attend events.

2. The Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU)

The Catholic Institution of Uruguay (UCU) was Uruguay’s first private university, founded in 1985. The main campus is downtown Montevideo, although there are also two more campuses in Salto and the Maldonado district (Punta del Este).

Engineering and technology, dentistry, law, human sciences, health sciences, and business sciences are among the faculties of this low-cost university in Uruguay. It also has a graduate school, a business school, and 70 active research projects in its research centers.

International students will be required to participate in an online interview in order to be admitted. They must also submit the necessary documentation and have their secondary education diplomas legalized. Contact the university ( to learn more.

3. The University of the Republic (UDELAR)

The University of the Republic (UDELAR) was founded in 1849 and is the country’s largest and only public university. It has about 90,000 students and is regarded as one of Uruguay’s most affordable institutions.

There are 15 faculties, as well as many schools, institutes, and research centers, as well as a university hospital. The primary campus is downtown Montevideo, the capital city, with buildings scattered across the city. They also have regional centers in other cities with campuses. The East University Regional Center and the Northern Coast Regional Center are two of the regional centers. A third Regional Center is currently being constructed.

As a foreign student, studying at UDELAR can be challenging. You must be the child of a diplomat, have lived in the country for at least three years, have been forced to stay in the country because your family nucleus has settled in the country, or have been forced to interrupt your studies in your country of origin for political, religious, racial, or ideological reasons to be admitted.

You can still apply if you don’t fit into one of the previous categories, but the Central Board Council will make a decision based on your application, available openings, and other factors.

I hope you found this post on Uruguay’s cheapest universities useful.

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