Cheapest Universities in Albania

Cheapest Universities in Albania

Albania, a country rich in interesting facts and fascinating histories, has a few peculiar habits, such as shaking your head to indicate yes and nodding your head up and down to indicate no. In addition, there is a well-known Albanian named Mother Teresa, who is the only Albanian to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Interestingly, Albania’s capital, Tirana, is one of the few capitals without a McDonald’s, even though the country has over 750,000 bunkers. Albania built many bunkers to protect itself from an invasion that never came, and it is today a tourist attraction for tourists.

Cheap Universities in Albania

  1. Epoka University

The Epoka University, which is located in Albania’s capital, focuses on three things: education, research, and societal contribution. Epoka University’s faculties include architecture, engineering, economics, administrative sciences, law, and social sciences. The student-to-faculty ratio is 19 to 1, which encourages better engagement between professors and students.

Because Epoka University focuses on international countries, many of its lecturers are from other countries. Many international students are enrolling at Epoka University, and exchange students are also expanding in number thanks to the Erasmus program.

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  1. Polytechnic University of Tirana

The Higher Polytechnic University, which was founded in 1951, now contains seven colleges that are mostly focused on engineering and technology. Because they concentrate on technology, they have a well-equipped research facility where they may upgrade existing technology as well as test and develop new technology.

Many students come to the Polytechnic University of Tirana to study engineering since HPU was founded to educate civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. In addition to the seven colleges, the HPU has a Geosciences, Energy, Water, and Environment institution.


  1. University of New York Tirana

The Institution of New York Tirana (UNYT) was Albania’s first private university, having opened its doors in 2002. The UNYT’s objective is to deliver quality education to its students in conjunction with numerous famous American and European universities.

The Institution of New York Tirana, which was founded by the New York Network, offers programs in their university, after which students can transfer to a college in New York to finish their studies.

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