Cheapest Universities in Belize with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in Belize with Tuition Fees

A north American nation on the eastern coast of Central America with its capital in Belmopan. The cost of living is comparably lower than in the United States, though still dependent on the location of residence. It is a country with one of the highest indices of poverty in the world, being highest in Toledo district consisting a number of indigenous subsistence farmers. Catholicism dominates as a religion.

  1. University of the West Indies

Year of establishment – 1948

Location – Mona.

Average Tuition Fees – $500

Website –

Belize is among the 17 countries in the Central American region that enjoy the academic benefits that it entails. This university was established with the main campus in Jamaica to provide widespread higher institutions and is one of the best universities with standards and over 100  programs available to students.

  1. University of Belize

Year of establishment – 2000

Location – Belmopan

Average Tuition Fees – $700

Website –

Is a government-owned university with a huge number of student enrollments, it has short-time courses and diplomas in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 7 institutions merged to form it, comprising 4 main faculties.

  1. Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College

Year of establishment – 2014

Location – Corozal

Average Tuition Fees – $1000

Website –

Is a newly established university with a modern system of education, its geolocation was to cater to students in that rural area of Belize who has no access to higher education. It’s both a vocational and course-based institution.

  1. Saint John’s College

Year of establishment – 1952

Location – Belize City

Average Tuition Fees – $2000

Website –

This is a premier and affordable university in the country. It is a Catholic university following the Jesuit traditions. Has 6 faculties and one unique benefit is that it accepts transfer students from other universities within the country.

  1. Galen University

Year of establishment – 2003

Location – San Ignacia

Average Tuition Fees – $7500

Website –

Is an independent institution of higher learning offering both undergraduate and postgraduate across its fields of science, business, education, and arts?


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