Cheapest Universities in Ecuador

Cheapest Universities in Ecuador

Ecuador is a South American country with a burgeoning economy and recently improved higher education. It is situated at the world’s geographic center. As a result of recent changes in institutions and education policies, Ecuador has become a more enticing destination for international students. The following are some of Ecuador’s low-cost universities.

List of Cheap Universities in Ecuador

1. The University of San Francisco in Quito

The University of San Francisco was founded in 1988 as a private art university. It is ranked between 751 and 800 finest universities in the world by QS, making it one of Ecuador’s most affordable institutions.

Tuition costs range from 4,000 to 5,500 dollars per semester. The majors include engineering, medicine, and dentistry. Programs on the Galapagos campus cost less than $1,000 per year. For additional information, go to

2. National Polytechnic School (EPN)

The National Polytechnic School (EPN) was founded in 1869, closed seven years later, and then reopened in the 1930s.

It is Ecuador’s second-best institution, according to the QS World Institution Placing, ranking between the 801st and 1000th best universities worldwide.

Admission is determined through an entrance exam. After being admitted, students must study and pass a preparation semester before beginning their major. Visit their website at to learn more about tuition; unfortunately, pricing is not displayed on the website. Remember to select your preferred language before exploring it. There is a drop-down language selection beneath the search field.

3. Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE)

The third most affordable university in Ecuador on our ranking is PUCE. It was founded in 1946 and is Ecuador’s fourth finest university. According to the QS Globe University Rankings, the university is rated between 801st and 1000th in the world.

Based on the number of credits students take each semester, tuition fees are divided into different categories. Tuition for 16 credits or more ranges from $1,900 to $5,589.

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