List of universities in Ecuador

List of universities in Ecuador

The quality of education in Ecuador is among the lowest in Latin America, even though the country’s constitution grants everyone the right to pursue higher education.

Some colleges and institutions lack good learning settings and qualified faculty. 14 percent of the population resides in high institutions, about.

There are 11 private institutions in addition to 29 state universities. There are almost 2,000 foreign students in this area. After graduating, students had no trouble finding employment.

Additionally, because living expenses are reasonable, some students can balance jobs and school. This continues to inspire people to remain after finishing their courses.

List of Universities in Ecuador

In this article, we have stated the list of universities in Ecuador. Take note of these universities.

• Agricultural University of Ecuador, Guayaquil:
• Amazonian State University, Puyo:
• Armed Forces University
• Business and Technological University of Guayaquil, Guayaquil:
• Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil, Guayaquil:
• Central University of Ecuador, Quito, Quito:
• Civil University Eloy Alfaro of Manabí, Manta
• Civil University Vicente Rocafuerte of Guayaquil, Guayaquil
• Ecotec University of Technology, Guayaquil:
• Equinox University of Technology, Quito, Quito
• ESPOL Polytechnic University, Guayaquil:
• International University of Ecuador, Quito, Quito
• Israel University of Technology, Quito
• Jose Peralta Technical University, Azogues
• Luis Vargas Torres Technical University, Esmeraldas
• National Polytechnic School, Quito
• National University of Chimborazo, Riobamba
• National University of Loja, Loja
• Pacific University – School of Business, Quito
• Panamerican University of Cuenca, Cuenca
• Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Quito
• San Antonio de Machala University of Technology
• San Francisco de Quito University, Quito
• SEK University, Quito
• Simón Bolívar Andean University, Ecuador, Quito
• State University of Bolívar, Guaranda, Guaranda
• Technical State University of Quevedo, Quevedo
• Technical University of Ambato, Ambato
• Technical University of Babahoyo, Babahoyo
• Technical University of Cotopaxi, Latacunga, Latacunga
• Technical University of Loja, Loja
• Technical University of Machala, Machala
• Technical University of Manabí, Portoviejo
• Technical University of the North, Ibarra, Ibarra
• Technological Amerindian University, Ambato, Quito
• Technological University of America, Quito, Quito
• Universidad Alfredo Perez Guerrero, Quito
• Universidad Autonoma de Quito, Quito
• Universidad Casa Grande, Guayaquil
• Universidad Catolica de Cuenca, Cuenca
• Universidad Cristiana Latinoamericana, Quito
• Universidad de las Americas, Quito
• Universidad de Los Hemisferios, Quito
• Universidad de Otavalo, Otavalo
• Universidad Estatal de Milagro, Milagro
• Universidad Estatal Peninsula de Santa Elena
• Universidad Iberoamericana del Ecuador, Quito
• Universidad Interamericana del Ecuador, Riobamba
• Universidad Intercultural de las Nacionalidades Indigenas
• Universidad Metropolitana, Guayaquil
• Universidad Og Mandino, Quito
• Universidad Particular San Gregorio de Portoviejo, Portoviejo
• Universidad Politecnica Estatal del Carchi, Tulcan
• Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Cuenca
• Universidad Regional Autonoma de Los Andes, Ambato
• Universitas Equatorialis, Quito
• University of Azuay, Cuenca
• University of Cuenca, Cuenca
• University of Guayaquil, Guayaquil
• University of Santa María, Guayaquil
• University of Tourism Specialties, Quito

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