Cheapest Universities in Argentina

Cheapest Universities in Argentina

We’ve examined various low-cost or free institutions in Argentina that are open to international students, as well as their tuition prices and all other information you’ll need to decide on your choice to study.

Argentina is a country located in Latin America. It can only be found in South America, with Andes Mountains, glacial lakes, and pampas grassland as its terrain.

Here is the list of Cheapest Universities in Argentina with Links

Tuition prices in Argentine public colleges are very low, especially when compared to the majority of countries in North America and Europe. In general, private universities in Argentina charge higher tuition rates, which vary greatly depending on the program.

Although private institutions charge greater tuition costs than state universities, they are nevertheless more inexpensive and reasonable than those in other advanced study destinations, particularly in Europe. Annually, these expenses might range from ARS 8, 000 to 24,000 (US$1,000-$3,000).

Below are the cheap universities in Argentina. However, to know more about these universities, kindly use the links attached.

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