Cheapest /Tuition Free Universities in Norway

Cheapest /Tuition-Free Universities in Norway

Norway is a European country with its capital Oslo; known as a city of green spaces and museums. Her economy is developed and it is among the most expensive countries to live in in the world, but her education sector from basic to tertiary tuition free.

All Norway government Universities are free, except for some little fees to gain access to facilities like health, sports, transport, etc.

  1. University of Stavanger

Year of establishment – 2005

Location – Stavanger

Website –

This is a government-owned university providing students with a tuition-free education. It was founded in 2005 after its predecessor, Stavanger University College achieved university status. Some of her programs are in Arts, Education, Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural Sciences.


  1. Nord University

Location – Bodo

Website –

This is a relatively young government institution formed by merging the University of Nordland, Nesna University College, and Nord-Trøndelag University College in 2016. It is composed of several branches, with two of them considered to be the university’s main campuses: Bodø and Levanger. The multi-location nature of Nord University allows it to welcome thousands of students, and offer a variety of programs.


  1. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Location – Bergen

Website –

Is a government-established university specializing in the sciences, humanities, engineering, teacher education, sports, economics, and management. A large institution comprising five campuses (Bergen, Førde, Haugesund, Sogndal, and Stord).


  1. University of Bergen

Location – Bergen

Website –

This is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Norway, consistently ranking among the top best universities in the world. It offers research-intensive programs and is acknowledged as the leading university in the field of natural sciences.


  1. Norwegian Academy of Music

Location – Oslo

Website –

This is the largest music conservatory in the country and the only one with university status. It maintains the highest standards in musical education and offers programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Below are other Tuition Free Universities

  1. Oslo Metropolitan University


  1. UiT The Arctic University of Norway


  1. The University Centre in Svalbard


  1. University of South-Eastern Norway


  1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences


  1. Oslo National Academy of the Arts


  1. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences


  1. MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion, and Society


  1. Østfold University College


  1. The University of Oslo

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