7 Tuition-Free / Cheapest Universities in Brazil

7 Tuition-Free / Cheapest Universities in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in both South and Latin America with its capital in Brasilia. It is the world’s 5th largest country by area and 7th most populous country, with an economy described as middle-income developing mixed economy, it is the 3rd largest economy in America and one of the tourist destinations, with affordable and free tuition institutions.

Brazil has seven free tuition universities which are listed below

  1. University of Sao Paulo

Year of establishment – 1934

Location – Brasilia

Website – https://www.usp.br

This is the largest university in Brazil, with roots traced to the Sao Paulo school of law established in 1827. It’s tuition-free and Brazil’s most prestigious university in Latin America.


  1. University of Campinas

Year of establishment – 1962

Location – Campinas

Website – https://www.unicamp.br

Is a highly regarded tuition-free government-owned university for both Brazilians and international students? It is the 2nd ranked the best university in Brazil, offering 70 undergraduate and 153 postgraduate programs.


  1. Federal University of Minas Gerais

Year of establishment – 1970

Location – Belo Herizonte

Website – https://www.ufmg.br

Is the largest federal education institution in Brazil, tuition-free, and the main campus is in Belo Horizonte while other campuses at Montes Claros and Tira dentes house 75 undergraduate and 123 postgraduate programs?


  1. The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Year of establishment – 1934

Location – Porto Alegre

Website – https://www.furg.br

Is a government-owned tuition-free university, with roots traced to the Escola de Farmiacia e Quimica in 1895. Is the 4th largest university in Brazil, known best for its clinical and health education degrees.


  1. Federal University of Catarina

Year of establishment – 1960

Location – Florianopolis

Website – https://en.ufsc.br

Is the 5th largest university in Brazil, government-owned and tuition-free. Its forerunner is the Polytechnic institute of Florianopoli’s existence since 1917 before it became the first state university in 1960.


  1. University of Brasilia

Year of establishment – 1962

Location – Brasilia

Website – https://international.unb.br

This is a top federal University in Brazil, tuition-free and offering 61 undergraduate and 76 postgraduate programs. The admission process is competitive but fair, owing to her high standards of quality education.

  1. Sao Paulo State University

Year of establishment – 1976

Location – Sao Paulo

Website – https://www.international.unesp.br

A tuition-free government-owned university inspired by the university of California system is one of Brazil’s best universities have 23 campuses across the country housing 171 undergraduate and 62 postgraduate programs.

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