Cheapest Universities in Germany with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in Germany with Tuition Fees

Germany is a European country with its capital in Berlin. Munich, one of the largest cities is known for its beer halls, also Brandenburg is part of the country’s largest cities. Their economy thrives on beer, football, car manufacturing, etc. It ranks as one of the largest exporters.

Education is undoubtedly cheap and most universities’ tuition fees are free, below is the list of the best top-ranking and tuition-free universities in Germany for both citizens and international students.


  1. University of Duisburg – Essen

Year of establishment – 2003

Location – Duisburg – Essen

Website –

This is a tuition-free government university with a history traced to 1654. It has two main campuses in Duisburg and Essen and is one one the largest university in the country with 12 faculties and over 200 programs of study.

  1. European University Viadrina Frankfurt

Year of establishment – 1506

Location – Berlin

Website –

This other tuition-free government-owned university, though one of the smallest has quite a number of courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  1. Leipzig University

Year of establishment – 1409

Location – Leipzig

Website – https://www.uni-leipzig

This is also tuition-free, an ancient government-owned German university with 14 faculties abs about 130 research institutes.

  1. University of Augsburg

Year of establishment – 1970

Location – Augsburg

Website –

This is also a tuition-free government-owned university and ranks one of the best with programs in engineering, arts, history, business, economics, and marketing. It has other nonacademic centers like bars and cafeterias.


  1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Year of establishment – 1972

Location – Munich

Website –

On our list of tuition-free and the best university is this global ranks university, renowned for its research-oriented and academic training to students.

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