Cheapest Universities in Austria with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in Austria with Tuition Fees

Officially, the republic of Austria is a landlocked country in the southern part of central Europe. Federation of 9 states with capital at Vienna, the largest city. Austria is recognized globally for its reputation in academic achievement and good quality education.

  1. Johannes Kepler University of Linz

Year of establishment – 1996

Location – Linz

Average Tuition Fees – $700

Website –

This is a cutting-edge institution known for offering various courses such as science, business, and education.


  1. University of Innsbruck

Year of establishment – 1669

Location – Innsbruck

Average Tuition Fees- $705

Website –

Located in Tyrol State capital, is one of the largest and best educational facilities in Austria. Focuses on research and development, teaching, and career furthering and ranks 265 in the world’s best universities.


  1. University of Salzburg

Year of establishment – 1622

Location – Salzburg

Average Tuition Fees – $1670

Website –

Also known as Paris Lodron, the State capital is the largest institution in Salzburg and offers a wide spectrum of courses for undergraduates and postgraduate students.


  1. University of Klagenfurt

Year of establishment – 1970

Location – Klagenfurt

Average Tuition Fees – $1630

Website –

Are a government-owned university and the largest research institute in the State of Carinthia offering programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate.


  1. University of Vienna

Year of establishment – 1365

Location – Vienna

Average Tuition Fees – $1700

Website –

Is a university with a wide range of many faculties and ranks well among the world’s best universities.

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