Cheapest Universities in India with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in India with Tuition Fees

India is a south Asian country bounded to the south by the Asian sea, and the capital at New Delhi while her largest city is Mumbai. It is the 7th largest country by area, and the 2nd most populous country in the world whose labor force was ranked 2nd too in 2017 following the statistics of her 522 million workers. Her economy is the 6th largest globally, and it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with major fields in agriculture, food processing, machinery, chemical products, telecommunications, cement, and petroleum.

1. Osmania University

Year of establishment – 1918
Location – Hyderabad
Average Tuition Fees – $400
Website –
One of the oldest Federal and cheapest Universities founded during the British empire, it has the largest campus and is home of affiliation for many other institutions in India.

2. Jamia Islamia University

Year of establishment – 1920
Location – New Delhi
Average Tuition Fees – $600
Website –
Is a government research-based Muslim university with various disciplines in law, arts, natural science, Humanities, architecture, and technology courses?

3. Jawaharlal Nehru University

Year of establishment – 1969
Location – New Delhi
Average Tuition Fees – $780
Website –
Is a government-owned university, one of the best and most popular universities in India known for quality education, research, and technological innovations. Owing to her academic programs’ flexibility and affordability, many intending students opt for the university.

4. Jadavpur University

Year of establishment – 1940
Location – Kolkata
Average Tuition Fees – $800
Website –
This is the only State Cheapest university with quality education located in west Bengal state. Is also one of the oldest universities with two campuses in Jadavpur and salt lake.

5. Thapar University

Year of establishment – 1956
Location – Patiala
Average Tuition Fees – $1400
Website –
This is a government-owned university though still referred to as Thapar institute of engineering and technology, but has programs though yet to offer degrees.

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