Cheapest Universities in Belgium with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in Belgium with Tuition Fees

Is a country in Western Europe with its capital in Brussels. It’s the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it’s multicultural and multilingual ranging from English, French, German and Dutch speaking. It is the 6th richest country in the world, and also has a large economy thriving on the production of chocolate, beer, and her national football team. The majority of Belgians are Catholics.
This list contains free-funded universities in Belgium, as most are government-funded while some are owned by the Catholic faith church, thus they offer tuition-free universities.

1. Boston University
Year of establishment – 1839
Location – Massachusetts
Website –
Is a private tuition-free research university with a historical affiliation to United Methodist Church, originally it has a campus in Newbury, Vermont until 1867 when it was moved to Boston.

2. Vrije University of Brussels
Year of establishment – 1834
Location – Brussels
Website –
Is a tuition-free dutch-English speaking research university for both international and local citizens. It has four campuses in Elsene, Jette, Anderlecht, and Gooik with 8 faculties.

3. Catholic University of Leuven
Year of establishment – 1425
Location – Leuven
Website –
Is another tuition-free premier catholic research university in the city of Leuven. It has several faculties and departments conducting various programs ranging from theology and law to business, social sciences, sciences, and arts.

4. University of Namur
Year of establishment – 1831
Location – Namur
Website –
This is a Jesuit Catholic tuition-free private university in the French community of Belgium. It has 6 faculties where academic instructions and research are ongoing. Has strong academic notables in medicine, law, and sciences.

5. Ghent University
Year of establishment – 1817
Location – Brussels
Website –
Ghent University was founded by Dutch King William I in 1817. It comprises 11 faculties and over 130 departments, it’s one of the largest universities in Belgium, ranks top 100 consistently in the world, and 69th in 2017.

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