Cheapest Universities of Denmark

Cheapest Universities of Denmark

Despite being a small European country, Denmark consistently ranks highly in global rankings. They are ranked in the top ten for their high-quality healthcare and education systems, as well as their economic and social progress and citizen happiness levels.

These are all important factors for international students to consider while choosing a country to study in.

List of cheapest universities in Denmark

1. University College of Northern Denmark

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: $7,225 per year

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UCN Denmark, which was established in 2008, is a college that offers courses that are relevant to the workplace. With tuition prices starting at $7,225 per year, UNC Denmark is the cheapest university in Denmark for international students.

UCN offers 2-year academy professional degrees in collaboration with Aalborg University. Hospitality, Digital Concept Development, Software, Sport, Web Development, and Sales & Marketing are among the 1.5-year top-up programs available.

Architecture and Export Management are also available as 3.5-year bachelor’s degrees at UCN. Despite the fact that it does not offer post-graduate degrees, UCN conducts extensive research. Because of its low costs, UCN Denmark has attracted a large number of international students — 1,200 full-time students to be exact.

Campuses are currently located in Aalborg, Thisted, and Hjorring.

2. University of Southern Denmark

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: $7,515 per year
Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: $7,515 per year

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In the year 1998, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) was founded. It has two campuses: one in Southern Denmark and one in Zealand.

Despite its youth, it is regarded as one of the top 50 universities under the age of 50. SDU’s world-class programs, which are divided into the Faculties of Engineering, Social Science, Humanities, Engineering, and Science, have demonstrated this.
SDU is Denmark’s third-largest university, with about 22,500 students, 14 percent of whom are international students.

3. Aarhus University

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: $9,697 per year
Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: $9,697 per year

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For overseas students, Aarhus University is another economical university in Denmark. The institution, which is based in Aarhus, was formed in 1928, making it the country’s second-oldest. In terms of rankings, it is currently second only to the University of Copenhagen.

Arts, Natural Science, Health, Business, and Technical Science are the five faculties in which the university’s programs are organized.

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