List of Universities in Gabon

List of Universities in Gabon

The Ministry of Higher education and the ministry of Education oversee Gabon’s educational system.

Indeed, these two ministries are flourishing. The official language of instruction, association, and communication in French.

Every kid has access to mandatory education because of the Education Act. Her higher institution population makes up about 14% of the total. About 1.5 million individuals live there. Its largest city and capital are also called Libreville.

Despite being a very small nation in Africa, Gabon has a lot of international private investment and access to plenty of petroleum.

There are 12 accredited colleges, universities, and institutes, including 5 public and 7 private institutions. There aren’t many employment opportunities. There are 222 foreign students.

List of Universities in Gabon

• Institut Universitaire des Sciences de l’Organisation, Libreville:
• Omar Bongo University, Libreville
• Université des Sciences de la Santé, Owendo, Libreville:
• Université des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku, Franceville:

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