List of Universities in Mauritius

List of Universities in Mauritius

The Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology oversees Mauritius’ higher education system. The government generously provides free education to its citizens, starting in primary schools and continuing to tertiary levels.

Students also benefit from free transportation. French, Mauritian Creole, and English are the main languages spoken here.

Approximately 6.9 percent of people enroll in tertiary education. There are now only two universities, and none are private. Currently, 273 foreign students are studying here.

Without a work visa, finding employment after graduation might be challenging unless you possess the necessary training, credentials, and experience.

List of Universities in Mauritius

• Mauritius Institute of Education, Moka:
• Mauritius Institute of Training and Development, Piton:
• Open University of Mauritius, Moka:
• Université des Mascareignes, Rose-Hill:
• University of Mauritius, Réduit:
• University of Technology, Mauritius, Pointes-aux-Sables:

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