List of Universities in Libya

List of Universities in Libya

Except for the Open University, where students must pay some tuition fees, Libya is one of the few African nations that offers its inhabitants a fully free education.

Foreign students are rarely admitted to Libyan universities unless they were born and raised there. There are roughly 6.31 million people living there, and 1.7 million of them are students.

The higher education institutes currently have over 200,000 students. The universities have more than 10,000 students enrolled each year. There are 255 private institutes, 56 private universities, and 27 state universities.

In 2014, there are only 198 foreign students. Following graduation, you can look for work in the healthcare, nursing, and ministry fields. Every citizen has a legal right to honest work.

List of Universities in Libya

• Academy of Graduate Studies, Benghazi
• Al Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences, Zliten:
• Al Jabal Al Gharbi University, Gherian:
• Al Zawiya University (The Seventh of April University), Az Zawiyah:
• Arab Medical University, Benghazi:
• College of Engineering Technology Houn, Hun

• Elmergib University, Elmergib
• Libyan International Medical University, Benghazi
• Misurata University, Misratah
• Omar Al Mukhtar University, Albyda
• Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute, Tripoli
• Sebha University, Sebha

Sirte University, Sirte
• University of Benghazi, Benghazi
• University of Nasser, Tripoli
• University of Tobruk, Tobruk
• University of Tripoli, Tripoli
• University of Tripoli Alahlia for Applied Sciences and Humanities, Tripoli

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