List of Universities in Andorra

List of Universities in Andorra

The following list of Andorran universities is arranged according to both the national and global rankings. The list includes both Andorran state and private universities.

In Andorra, there are just three universities. Below is a list of them.

In Andorra, there are three universities. However, before discussing these three universities, let’s first take a look at Andorra as a whole.

University of Andorra, https://www.uda.adSant Julià de Lòra

The first university in Andorra was founded in 1988 and is known as the University of Andorra.

The university is made up of the College of Business and Technology, the College of eLearning and Lifelong Learning, and the College of Health and Education Sciences.

Andorra Aviation Academy, Sant Julià de Lòria:

The Andorra Aviation Academy is situated in the Andorran Principality. The agreement to establish this distinctive aviation degree program with the Andorran Government and the University of Andorra was signed in June 2015 and was motivated by a group of aviation enthusiasts.

The Master of Aviation degree program (in progress) and the 18-month Fast Track pilot training program offered by the Andorra Aviation Academy are both recognized throughout Europe and in a total of 47 states.

La Salle Open University, La Massana

The Open University of La Salle, often known as Universitat Oberta La Salle (UOLS), is a private university in Andorra. In 2010, the Open University of La Salle was established.

A campus of the Open University of La Salle can be found inside la Massana, a tiny town in Andorra. In the nation’s educational system, the Open University of La Salle holds a significant position.

The educational system complies with international norms, and teaching is done at the highest level. The Open University of La Salle is ranked in Andorra’s national rankings despite being one of the country’s newest educational institutions.

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