List of Universities in Bolivia

List of Universities in Bolivia

Bolivia offers a wide range of educational options. People from all over the world come here to benefit from the top educational system.

There are currently 8 state universities, 1 private institution, and more than 15000 international students studying here. Graduates from each of these universities are eligible to receive degrees. About 23% of the government’s annual budget is set aside for educational pursuits.

At all levels, Spanish is still the language of instruction. The lack of bilingual instruction has dissatisfied some international pupils, which has contributed to the high dropout rates among schoolchildren.

Feel free to hunt for a career after graduation; there are many positions available.

List of Universities in Bolivia

* Adventist University of Bolivia, Cochabamba:
* Aquino University Bolivia, La Paz:
* Autonomous University of Beni, Trinidad
* Autonomous University Tomás Frías, Potosí:
* Bolivariana University of Information Technology, Sucre
* Bolivian Private University, Cochabamba, Cochabamba
* Bolivian University of Technology, La Paz
* Central University, Cochabamba

* Christian University of Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
* Cordillera University, La Paz
* Cosmos Private Technical University, Cochabamba
* Franz Tamayo Private University, La Paz
* Juan Misael Saracho Autonomous University, Tarija
* La Salle University, La Paz
* Latinamerican University, Cochabamba
* Loyola University, La Paz
* National University of Siglo Veinte, Llallagua
* Nuestra Señora de La Paz University, La Paz

* Nur University, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
* Private University of Oruro, Oruro
* Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
* Public University of El Alto, El Alto
* Royal University, La Paz
* San Francisco de Asís University, La Paz
* Simón Bolívar Andean University, Sucre
* Simón I. Patiño University, Cochabamba

* Technical University of Oruro, Oruro
* Unidad University, Sucre
* University of Saint Francis Xavier, Sucre
* University of San Andrés, La Paz
* University of San Simón, Cochabamba
* University of the Andes, La Paz
* Valle Private University, Cochabamba

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