List of Universities in Panama

List of Universities in Panama

Over 90% of the 54 million total population are literate, and 20% are enrolled in higher education right now. With a surface area of under 30,000 square miles, this small nation is surrounded by Colombia and Costa Rica.

There are more than 16,000 international students, 19 state universities, and 12 private universities. There are lots of job prospects, but remember that just because you study here doesn’t mean you have to work here.

The majority of students choose to forego or discontinue their studies in the middle of the program to pursue their own personal entrepreneurial objectives because they are trained to become experts in their subjects of study and build their own businesses.

List of Universities in Panama

American University, Panama
Autonomous University of Chiriqui, Chiriqui:
Cartago University of Panama, David:
Columbus University, Panama:
GANEXA University of Arts, Panama:
Interamerican University of Panamá, Panama:
International Maritime University of Panama, Panama:
ISAE University, Panama:

Istmo University, Panama
Latina University of Panamá, Panama
Latinoamerican University of Sciences and Technology, Panama
Metropolitan University Science and Technology, Panama
Oteima University of Technology, Panama
Panamerican University, Panama
Quality Leadership University Panama, Panama

Santa María La Antigua Catholic University, Panama
Specialized University of the Americas, Balboa
Technological University of Panamá, Panama
University of Panamá, Panama

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