List of Universities in Paraguay

List of Universities in Paraguay

The government of Paraguay is working nonstop to ensure that its educational system is enhanced. Simply put, this is a developing nation, and it shows in everything about them.

32 universities offer tertiary education; 22 are public and 10 are privately owned. Currently, 39% of the population resides in a high institution. Amazingly, there are almost 25,000 foreign students here, and 10,000 of them are working odd jobs to support themselves after finishing their studies.

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Even though Spanish and Italian are only occasionally spoken, English continues to be the primary language of instruction. Once your studies are complete, feel free to hunt for employment.

List of Universities in Paraguay

American University, Ciudad del Este:
Autonomous University of Asunción, Asuncion:
Autonomous University of Paraguay, Asuncion:
Columbia University of Paraguay, Asuncion:
National University of Asunción, Asuncion:
Northern University, Asunción:
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic University, Asuncion
University of the Southern Cone of the Americas:

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