List of Universities in Guatemala

List of Universities in Guatemala

Every resident of Guatemala is required to complete higher education. The high institutions house about 13% of their population. Around 34 million people are living there.

Even though the quality of education is still very low, it is becoming increasingly difficult for indigenous children to attend school because of rising tuition costs and other expenses that are not covered by the government.

Over 12 million people lack basic literacy skills. 4 private universities and 1 state university offer higher education. In actual fact, you need a master’s degree before you can teach. There are 150 or so international students. Finally, there aren’t many options for students to work here.

List of Universities in Guatemala

We can only find about 12 universities in Guatemala. Click on each link to get more details about each university.

• Francisco Marroquín University, Ciudad de Guatemala:
• Galileo University, Ciudad de Guatemala:
• InterNaciones University, Ciudad de Guatemala:
• Istmo University, Ciudad de Guatemala:
• Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala:

• Mesoamerican University, Ciudad de Guatemala
• Panamerican University, Ciudad de Guatemala
• Rafael Landívar University, Ciudad de Guatemala
• Rural University, Ciudad de Guatemala

• San Pablo University of Guatemala
• University of San Carlos of Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala
• University of the Valley of Guatemala

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