List of Universities in Seychelles

List of Universities in Seychelles

Universities and non-university tertiary education and training facilities usually referred to as professional centers, make up the Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) (PCs).

The Institution of Seychelles-American Institute of Medicine (USAIM) was the only (private) university founded in Seychelles between 2000 and 2009 in terms of tertiary education and training. It was authorized following the regulations for private schools in the Education Act (2004). The institution ceased operations in Seychelles in December 2010.

The University of Seychelles, a brand-new public university, opened its doors in September 2009. All university-level education and training have traditionally been available through government-sponsored/approved scholarships in vital subjects that match the nation’s demands for human resources.

List of Universities in Seychelles

University of Seychelles, Anse Royale:

The main institution of higher learning in Seychelles is the University of Seychelles, popularly known as UniSey. It was founded on September 17, 2009.

There are three campuses: the main campus in Anse Royale, the site in Mont Fleuri, which offers degrees in education, communication, and technology, and the campus in Ma Joie, which offers studies in business.

The University of Seychelles – American Institute of Medicine, Victoria:

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