List of Universities in Belize

List of Universities in Belize

Belize’s educational system is governed by the Education Act. Every parent is required by law to pay a $100 fine if their children miss school. However, many children were unable to complete their education due to financial difficulties and school dropouts.

In Belize, there are 10 state universities but none private. Over 4,000 foreign students are studying here at the moment.

Contact the Belizean embassy in your country for additional details on how simple it is to apply for a visa. It is tough for foreigners to obtain employment here since the government is more concerned with assimilating the citizens first.

List of Universities in Belize

In Belize, there are 3 universities. The following list of universities includes links to more information about each one.

• Galen University, San Ignacio:

• University of Belize, Belmopan:

• Belize Medical College Central America Health Sciences University:

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